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Amazon Publishing: Helping Readers and Writers Find Each Other

In a recent article titled “7 Dirty Little Book Publishing Secrets Every Writer Needs to Know”, Susan Daffron at Copyblogger asked an audience of writers, “Where is Your Book?”

It is a scary proposition.

Amazon publising - an opportunity for writers

Most of us are content to write blogs, white papers and all kinds of digital content. Why not printed books? (And no – print isn’t dead, just struggling).

It is a good time to be a writer.

Sure the dynamics of publishing are changing. Amazon has made sure of that with their bold entrance into that industry (which was imminent by the way).

“Amazon did what any successful business tries to do: it looked for opportunities to grow by offering different services than its competitors.” ~ Laurel Saville, Embracing New Opportunities, New York Times

All of a sudden there are now huge opportunities for writers.

There will always be an appetite for books (regardless of the format) and writers will have their fair share of work.

The good news is that writers don’t have to put up with publishers mistreatment of them any more. Now they have the option of a simplified process: writer to e-publisher to reader.

Good deal for writers

What Amazon understands is that there is no love lost between writers and their publishers. But writers need readers and readers have a special connection to the authors they love. Everyone in the middle is dispensable.

The only thing readers want is to read a good book. They don’t care about the details.

When all is said and done the relationship between the writer and the reader will remain intact.

Of course it remains to be seen how Amazon will treat book authors in the long run. But for now Amazon is helping readers and writers to find each other.

What do you think? Am I over-simplifying the issue? What’s your take on it?

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