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9 Stunning Search Statistics Hospital Marketers Should Know

In today’s digital world patients are using non-traditional paths on their medical journeys.

It used to be that if you suddenly fell sick, you would call a family member or a doctor to help you figure out what the next step would be. Not so anymore. Today you would simply fire up your computer or smart phone, and start to research your condition or symptoms online.

If you’re in charge of marketing at a hospital or other medical facility you cannot afford to ignore content marketing and the impact it has on search. You need a website that is regularly updated with relevant content that provides helpful answers to questions patients are asking.

The following 9 statistics show the importance of having a strong online presence and a content marketing strategy if you want prospective patients to find you (Source):

1. 77% of patients use online search prior to booking an appointment.

2. Digital content is key to decision making. 83% of patients booked appointments after researching content on hospital sites.

significance of digital content for patients

3. 21% of patients are now booking appointments via computer or mobile

4. After an appointment patients tend to spread the word about their experiences. 50% recommend the facility to their family, friends and peers; 12% post a review on social media networks; and 6% post a review on another website.

5. When patients see a paid search ad, only 5% contact the hospital that is advertised. 35% continue to search for more information, while 29% begin the search process all over.

6. 49% of patients start the search process using a specific condition or disease not a branded hospital term

7. Patients who booked appointments conduct almost 3X as many searches as those who didn’t.

8. Patients who use their smart phones to research health information watch videos in greater numbers (35%) than those who use computers (10%).

9. Mobile device searchers who watch a video also schedule an appointment in greater numbers (44%) than computer only searchers.

Your Turn:

Which stat do you find most interesting?


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