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8 Tips for Successful Landing Pages

It’s easy to spot a poor landing page on someone else’s website.

But creating a successful one right from scratch is another matter altogether. Too often we end up with a confusing page that causes the visitor to bounce away never to be heard from again.

If you want to reduce the bounce rate on your landing page and generate more business leads, here are some content tips that will set you on the right path:

will it land?

Show benefits

It’s not enough for prospects to know that you’re the best accountant in the county. The first thing that visitors want to know when they see your landing page is ‘what’s in it for me‘?

So before you go too far with your copy, show your visitors the benefits of working with you. Tell them what they stand to gain if they go with you instead of the competition. This is also a great opportunity to show visitors what makes you different from others in your industry.

Skimmable content

Online readers are different from print readers because they have short attention spans. Most likely they have stumbled upon your content through search and they’re are in a hurry to find what they’re looking for.

When they come to your webpage, make sure that the content is clear, easy to read, and skimmable – preferably in bullet form. This will help them to see right away what they need and therefore make their decision faster.

Put crucial information above the fold

Think about the most important thing you want to communicate to your first-time visitor.

Do you want them to sign up for a newsletter or to download a white paper? Your most important content such as the opt-in box should be located above ‘the fold’ i.e. the point on your web page where visitors would have to scroll down to get more information.

The last thing you want is to lose a potential client because important information was hidden and they could not find it.

Reduce distractions

Your webpage should not be cluttered with so much content that your visitor doesn’t know where to go or what to do. Decide what is the one thing you want them to know about your business and then make sure that your content communicates that clearly.

Your copy should be simple, clean and clear. Remove any extra information or links that might take your visitor away from the intended purpose of the landing page.

Call to action

The purpose of a landing page is to produce a specific action on the part of the visitor.

That action might be to download a white paper, to buy your new book, to subscribe to your podcasts etc. Whatever it is that you want your visitors to do, make sure you actually tell them to do it.

Don’t assume that they will do what you want just because it makes sense to you – ‘Ask and you shall receive’ is the most important idea when it comes to a call to action.


A call to action is crucial, but it’s not enough.

Give your visitors a compelling reason why they should act RIGHT NOW and not tomorrow!

Persuade them to take action immediately before they can change their mind and move on to something else.

When you ask them to do something, motivate them to act by offering something that is important and useful to them. That could be a 50% early-bird discount on your new webinar. Or it might be a time-limited ‘Facebook Fan coupon’ to encourage your Facebook fans to purchase your solution.

Visual appeal

Design is also an important element in helping to communicate and persuade a visitor. A sloppy looking page is bound to be a turn off.

And don’t worry – you don’t have to break the bank to design a landing page that will ‘Wow!’ your visitors. However since the landing page is tied to your future revenue, you don’t want to be cheap either.

Consult a web designer and give her a budget that she can work with to create a landing page that will appeal to even the most skeptical visitor.

Mobile friendly

In this day and age, more people are consuming digital media on their smart phones. One thing you don’t want to do is to miss the opportunity of reaching those people.

Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and test your landing page on your smart phone to ensure that it is easy to read and to navigate. If you use WordPress platform, there are several mobile plugins that you can install to give your mobile users a great experience.

Over to you

I don’t think this list is exhaustive at all. What other ideas or tips can you share to help others create a successful landing page?

Image credit: Shashi Bellamkonda

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