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8 Free Tools To Monitor Your Social Media Efforts

Do you monitor your social media efforts regularly?

I came across a number of free tools that I liked and wanted to share. You probably use some of these but one or two were completely new to me. Take a look:

  • Facebook Insights : tracks information about the visitors/fans that come to your Facebook page. It provides user engagement statistics as well as demographic information about your fans.
  • Google Analytics: provides detailed information about website traffic – keywords used to find your blog, the sources that referred them to your site, how much time they spent on pages on your site, bounce-rate, exit-rate and more.
  • Google Alerts: Find out how often your brand or your competitors brand is mentioned on the web by setting up relevant key-words (i.e. your brand name).
  • Provides information about the most influential blogs on the web. By creating a free account you can observe the performance and authority of your blog based on a ranking that Technorati gives.
  • A social media search engine that allows you to track what people are saying about you on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Youtube, Digg etc. You can set up alerts (similar to Google alerts to receive notifications about relevant mentions).
  • Allows you to monitor and manage conversations that you have on Twitter and to track mentions from other Twitter users.
  • Allows you to track your Twitter account to find out who is following you that you’re not following back (fans); who you’re following that’s not following you back (following); and who you’re following that’s following you back (friend).
  • A free website SEO tool from Hubspot tells you how well your website is performing in terms of SEO (Also has a free iPhone app).

I’d love to add onto this list so if you have some worthy mentions of your own, please feel free to share by leaving a comment below.

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