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7 Ways to Put Your Blog in the Spot Light

Are you looking for tips to attract and retain new readers?

tips for showcasing your blog

Bloggers need to have a steady stream of readers to engage with and to convert into fans and customers.

Now while the methods to promote your blog may evolve over time, some old methods still work, and some newer ones have emerged with new technology. This list is not exhaustive and I invite you to share some of your own tips as well.

#1 Optimize

You can do a couple of things here. First, fine-tune your keyword phrases; Then tweak your blog so that search engines may find your content more easily; Also remember to link one or two phrases to other content on your blog.

Finally try using Hubspot’s to compare your site with that of your competitors to find out where you need to improve.

#2. Update often

Updating your blog two to three times a week is important because it keeps your website content fresh (search engines love fresh content!).

However, consistency is even more important. If you can only blog once a week, then do it consistently (on the same day every week if you can pull it off). Also make sure that your blog headlines and sub-headlines are phrases that people are likely to search for on Google or Bing e.g.’How to cook a salmon’ is a better search phrase than ‘My favorite fish recipe’.

#3. Share on Google+

Share your blog post on Google+ and ask your friends to ‘+1’ it . Why is this important? Because Google+ is intimately linked with Google search and the more +1’s you have on your blog post, the higher your content will rank on search.

At the same time, when I google keyword phrases that are similar to your content, your blog post will show up with a list of all MY friends who have +1’d your article. Sweet!

#4. Create an email newsletter

Promote your blog in your email newsletter while keeping your customers up-to-date with valuable content.

However make sure that your blog articles help to solve your customers’ problems or to improve their lives, otherwise if the content isn’t useful they will unsubscribe from your email list.

#5. Upload content to other platforms

Think about spreading your content to other non-blog platforms such as iTunes, YouTube, Flickr and so on.

You can interview an expert on a relevant subject and then publish it as a podcast or a video in order to increase your reach and tap into a wider audience. Towards the end of the podcast or video, take 15 seconds to tell people about your blog.

#6 Comment on other blogs

One of the best ways to bring attention to your own blog is to comment on other blogs. Pick four or five other blogs and add value to their communities by contributing to their conversations.

Experts say that you should spend ten times as much time commenting on other blogs as you do promoting your own. This may sound insane but the readers and authors of those blog communities will notice and start to interact with you as well (rule of reciprocity).

For extra credit, try using CommentLuv a WordPress plug-in which displays (next to your comment) a link to the last post you published on your blog. This creates more visibility for your content.

#7 Use traditional media

Use offline advertising and word-of-mouth marketing to promote your blog. Start by telling all your friends, neighbors and co-workers about your blog. Talk about it (without being obnoxious) at your Chamber Mixers. Also consider writing articles for a local publication and advertising on your bio that you write a blog.

Over to you: Are you using these and other tips with any kind of success? Again, there are 100’s of other tips that you might be using on your blog. Please share some of them in the comment box below.

Image credit: My dear friend Shashi Bellamkonda


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