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7 Ways To Consistent Blogging

One of the most daunting elements of blogging is keeping it consistent.

Some of the things that make consistent blogging a challenge include lack of time, lack of fresh ideas, lack of confidence, and many other legitimate issues. However if you author a business blog, it is very important to remember that fresh, consistent content contributes directly to your bottom line.

When you give your readers (who are also your prospects) a regular diet of fresh content, they become your loyal followers (subscribers). They see you as  an authority in your subject-matter and their ‘go-to’ resource for the information that they need. Therefore, they will be the first to buy any information products that you eventually launch!

Here are 7 simple methods to consistent blogging:

  • Commit: When you first start blogging you’re probably uncertain about how many times you should blog. The short and simple answer is, the more times you blog the better. However, commit to what is reasonable for you and your schedule. Start off by blogging twice a week and gradually increase it as time and resources allow.
  • Plan: I find it useful to maintain a basic 30-day editorial calendar. It’s nothing fancy by any means. It’s just a simple schedule that illustrates the dates and topics that I will write about throughout the coming month. Try to keep it interesting by including features like interviews, Q & A sessions, book or product reviews and relevant videos.
  • Guest posts: I also find it useful to connect with other bloggers and exchange blogging favors. Not only does this relieve you when your schedule is tight, but it also builds relationships within the blogging community that are critical for future strategic partnerships. I use for this purpose.
  • Stack up: There are times that you will have the mental and creative energy to write numerous articles in one sitting. Take advantage of those moments (they don’t come often) and write as much as you can. You can then stock-pile these articles and publish them as needed, especially when you’re pressed for time and new ideas.
  • Google Reader: This is one of my favorite tools for finding fresh article ideas in minutes! Google Reader allows you to subscribe and follow articles in your niche (e.g. writing, communication). Reading other writers will get your creative juices flowing by giving you new ideas, or just an opportunity to respond to an article that someone else has written!
  • Experiences: When you attend a seminar, networking or training event, be sure to share your experience with your readers and perhaps even let them in on the lessons you learned. This is highly unique and allows your readers to see into your personality! If you attend one or two events per month, be sure to include your experience of the event(s) in your next blog post.
  • Respond: Last but not least, take advantage of the comments that your readers submit and write an article that responds to their concerns or ideas. This also creates rapport and solidarity with your base and shows them that you’re listening to them. It encourages them to keep coming back and keep the communication going.

A blog is an awesome platform to communicate with your base in a casual and personable manner. Try to have fun with it and enjoy the experience. Also, please remember that writing begets more writing. By pushing yourself to be more consistent when you don’t feel like it, you will eventually get to the point when you don’t need to push anymore. Writing will become your second nature…

What other methods have you employed to keep your blogging consistent?

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