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7 Steps to Measure Content Marketing Success

Measuring content marketing success shouldn’t be a vague or ambiguous process.

If you’re doing it right, then you know that content can produce measurable results. However for many marketers, connecting the dots between content development and pay off can be a little tricky.

Content Marketing Success Checklist

Roger C. Parker Content Marketing Success Check-list

Too often, business-owners adopt a spagetti approach to content marketing by throwing a bunch of tactics against the wall and hoping that some will stick!

In this curated article from Content Marketing Institute, Roger Parker, explains that the key to success is to keep asking deep questions about your content – Does it engage your market? Does your content support your organization’s long-term goals? Do you have an efficient process for selecting and producing topics for your content?

His goal is to encourage businesses and self-employed professionals to take a closer look at their content marketing from a broader, long-term perspective. It will help you to avoid complacency and get you moving in the right direction. Click the link to read the full article, A Checklist for Measuring Your Content Marketing Success.

Over to you: How do you measure your content marketing success?


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