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7 Content Ideas to Blow Up Your Business in 12 Months (or Less) #cmworld

Are you looking to explode your blog with great content? Got ideas that will generate new business leads?

If you want to grow your business through content marketing, simply write about the things people care about – even if some of those things are uncomfortable to talk about! If you don’t, no-one is going to read your content.

Marcus Sheridan, CEO of River Pools and Spas grew his business from a seriously disadvantaged position to the most popular swimming pool website in the world!

In his presentation at Content Marketing World (#cmworld), Marcus explained how blogging about ‘the things people really want to hear’ blew up his business and raked in millions of dollars in sales!

Here are 7 content ideas that he used:

Questions from your customers

When a customer asks a question about your product or your industry, find out if you’ve previously addressed that question on your blog.

If not, write an article to address it. Otherwise think of different ways that the same question could be asked and then select actual key words and language that your customers use. Using the words and terms that your customers would normally use to ask questions allows you to write key-word rich content that drives traffic in droves.

Talk about money

When customers talk about money, they’re usually asking about the the cost of your product or the price of your product.

While the two words might mean the same thing to you, Google treats them as two separate and distinct keywords. So be sure to craft blog posts that include the words ‘cost’ and/or ‘price’ in their title.

Do an A/B split test to see the difference in page views when the key words ‘cost’ and ‘price’ are interchanged and the same question is asked in several different ways.

Illustration: From an SEO standpoint a title that reads, ‘How much do refurbished laptop and desktop computers cost?’ is different from, ‘A refurbished computer pricing and cost guide by XYZ Inc.’ or ‘Refurbished Computer Prices: How much is my laptop really going to cost?’

Talk about your product’s problems

Your competitors are already telling prospects what’s wrong with YOUR product. Why not beat them to it and talk about the problems yourself?

Marcus decided to research all the bad things that were being said about his product (i.e. fibreglass pools). Then he started writing blog posts addressing those very problems.

Now when prospects search for ‘problems with fibreglass pools‘ or ‘fibreglass pool problems‘, they are led to his website where the research has already been done and the problem addressed!

And since he has created trust by talking about his product’s problems people end up going with him instead of the competition! Sweet.

Compare yourself with other brands

The fact of the matter is, smart shoppers shop around – so why not write about brand comparisons?

By explaining what your competitors are offering and then comparing with your own solution, you have the opportunity to demonstrate why your product is better. And while prospects will understand that your evaluation is not objective, they will be better informed about the choices they have.

So don’t let your prospects escape before you can present the full array of choices that they have at their disposal.

And the Winner is…!

Recognize other high achievers in your industry by writing ‘Awards’ posts e.g. 2011 Top Ten Content Marketing Blogs. Not only do they provide interesting and unique content, but they also attract attention from the ‘honorable mentions’ who will likely respond by linking back to your blog. Sweet.

Breaking News

Old news is no news! People want to be the first to hear a good story. If you can consistently provide breaking news about your industry, people will come to depend on you as ‘The Source’ of information. “If you give them enough, they will have no choice but to go with you,” says Marcus Sheridan.

Over to you: Have you used any of these ideas for your blog? What results did you notice? Please share in the comment box below.

Hat tip to Marcus Sheridan (a.k.a The Sales Lion) for ‘blowing our minds‘ at Content Marketing World last week! In his words “content fires him up”! Gotta love that 🙂




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