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6 Skills a Great Social Media Manager Should Have

Are you in charge of your organizition’s social media program?

If so you know better than anyone else that it involves playing different roles and wearing many hats. Running a social media program requires both technical competence and a whole lot of people skills. I always say that the former can be learned but the latter – either you have or you don’t.

Here are six skills that make for a great social media manager:


A good social media manager should have a specific set of skills

#1. Likeability

Likeability is important to your success both as an individual and as a brand, and in a social media-enabled world it matters more than ever.

People do business with people that they know, like and trust. Social media conversations create an opportunity for people to get to know you and your brand and to build a deeper, more trusted relationship with you based on your message. If your social media message is unlikeable it could very well destroy your business or career e.g. The Greek triple-jumper expelled from the Olympics because of her racist tweet.

#2. Community management

No matter what social platform you work with you must know how to handle the day-to-day communications that customers are having with your company.

It’s important that customers trust your company and the people that represent it (i.e. you!). You have the power to portray your organization in a positive way which impacts the way people interact with you. Be sure to use your influence to support your community while being a great advocate for your brand.

#3. Networking Skills

Everything that is related to social media and making connections with other people and other communities is social media networking.

A social media manager should pay particular attention to finding and building relationships with key influencers in their niche. Using tools like Klout, Kred or Peerindex, you can find people who have high influence on the social web and persuade them to interact with your brand. At the same time don’t forget the importance of using social media to improve customer awareness, retention and relations.

#4. Technical Curiosity

Social media managers should be very comfortable and curious about emerging trends in technology. Social media marketing is constantly changing and evolving and it’s important that the manager is hungry to learn more and have their finger on the pulse when it comes to new products, services, tools and ideas.

If a manager becomes too comfortable with the technologies she already knows, your organization runs the risk of falling behind the competition.

#5. Multi-tasking

Social media management involves the care and feeding of customers, being a brand advocate, keeping up and initiating conversations on the various social channels, creating and curating content, publishing content and a list of other things. All these tasks can be overwhelming. A social media manager should know how to multi-task without losing control.

A manager should have a strategy that allows her to get everything done without wasting a lot of time. She should also be familiar with the tools and apps that make her work easier and faster.

#6. Business minded

A social media manager should have a strategic vision for the program. It’s not just about tactics it’s about moving the organization forward by accomplishing business goals and objectives. A business minded manager should understand how social media tactics are related to the  overall objective of the company e.g. to improve revenue, increase customer awareness or retention etc.

Of course there are many other skills and competencies that are important for a social media manager. Writing skills, leadership skills, creativity and flexibility also add more value to the work of a social media manager. However each organization has its own priorities when it comes to skills and competencies.

Over to you: What have I missed? Please share your thoughts about this list or other skills that may be equally important.


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