6 Personality Traits of a Social Media Expert

“People will happily pay more to be entertained than to be educated.” ~ Johnny Carson

This is the secret sauce of social media. Case in point – On February 15, The American Red Cross accidentally posted a potentially damaging tweet:

Realizing the harm that this could do (not to mention that Ryan wasn’t actually drunk) the organization issued this mitigating tweet:

What a lesson in social media communication! Honest, transparent and humorous.

What followed shortly after was an incredibly fantastic outcome – An avalanche of support towards the Red Cross (in cash and blood) and a pledge of donations from the makers of Dogfish Beer.

This story tells me that social media requires a ‘certain type’ of personality to connect with, engage and win over an audience:

  • Honest and transparent
  • Has interesting things to say
  • Knows how and when to use humor
  • Doesn’t take themselves too seriously (isn’t bent out of shape if they make a mistake)
  • Enjoys people and conversation
  • Has a deep sense of empathy

I think that one of the most important lessons that social media continues to teach us, is that we’re all human, and that’s actually what our audience wants – to interact with other humans, not a corporate logo.

In social media we must risk being vulnerable, show our personalities and converse with those who choose to follow us as we would with our closest friends. That’s what it’s all about.

Are there other personality traits of a social media expert that you know of?

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