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6 Creative Ways Healthcare Marketers Can Use Twitter Vine

Can you share a meaningful healthcare message in six seconds? Does Twitter’s new app, VINE have anything to offer healthcare marketers?

This is the question you have to ask yourself bearing in mind that it’s very difficult to say something persuasive or significant in such a short time.

Twitter Vine app

What is Twitter Vine?

Vine is the ‘Instagram of video’, a new mobile app currently available for iPhone, iPad and iPod (sorry Android users!) that is used for recording and sharing short looping videos.

The brevity of these videos (six seconds) may present some challenges for content creators, but as we’ve seen with the ultimate ‘micro-blogging site’ Twitter, content constraints tend to inspire rather than muzzle creativity.

Who cares?

Among the millions of people who use Twitter, a lot of them will be clicking on Vine videos hoping to see something interesting, funny or even inspiring.

And here’s where brevity of content comes in handy. Even people who don’t have time to waste on social media (that’s everyone over the age of 16!) will be attracted to these short bits of video content. And who knows – just as Facebook is the default social media platform for sharing photos, maybe Twitter will become the default space for sharing short, interesting videos.

What can Healthcare do with Vine?

1. Highlight your organization’s champions

Do you have physician advocates, passionate employees, or even enthusiastic patients who would be willing to say something positive about your organization? If so have or help them create their own Vine video and attach to it your brand’s #hashtag.

2.  Display your latest technology

Have you recently purchased new medical equipment for testing or treating certain conditions? Why not display it on Vine (like a virtual trade show) and show patients how it works (if you can swing it in six seconds)?

3. Highlight important health days or months

On special days, weeks or months dedicated to raising awareness about an important health topic use Vine to create inspiring messages that encourage people to make a difference. You could also display one or two quick facts about that topic to get people’s attention. And of course don’t forget your brand’s #hashtag (this goes for the other 5 tips as well).

4. Create excitement about your hospital

Are you getting ready to unveil a new facility or building? Create a teaser video to generate buzz about your plans. Check out this clip from Detroit Medical Center.


5. Give patients a virtual tour

One way to connect with patients (even before they become YOUR patients!) is to show them around your place. When you create your video be sure to capture beautiful spaces and smiling faces. If done properly it could really make your organization more like-able, leaving your competition biting the dust.

6. Promote your event

Are you planning to hold a health education class or a blood drive? Why not show a creative teaser video to motivate patients (and care givers) to attend the event?

Privacy and copyright on Vine

A few things to be careful about when using Vine.

  • Don’t use images owned by third parties without their permission
  • Don’t use images of people without their permission
  • Once a video is posted on Vine, there’s no way to limit who sees or re-shares it. Be sure to check with your legal department about possible engagement risks and HIPAA compliance.

Otherwise there may be some marketing opportunities for healthcare organizations (HCO’s) and hospitals in particular. Personally I’ll be waiting to see how big names such as Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic (the trailblazers in healthcare social media) respond to Vine.

Your Turn: Is your HCO using Vine? What kind of videos are you creating? Please share some tips in the comment box below.




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