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5 Tips for Creating a Healthcare Newsletter Customers Will Love to Read

Do you include email newsletters in your healthcare marketing recipe?

Would you like some new tips to spice up and engage your readership?

Newsletters can be very effective when used properly. However there are certain key elements that will entice prospects and customers to take interest in your products or services. Here are 5 tips for creating an enjoyable healthcare newsletter that draws customers to your business.

An engaging newsletter entices readers to take more interest in your business

An engaging newsletter entices readers to take more interest in your business

#1. Many ‘Voices’

Most newsletters are written by one author. The problem with that strategy is that only one voice, one point of view, and writing style are conveyed. And yet multiple authors bring different perspectives and writing styles to the table, which helps to attract a more diverse readership.

The result is that your newsletter will become more effective and enjoyable to read and hence your readership will grow. Find someone in your organization who writes well, and has a unique perspective about the industry and invite them to add their voice to your newsletter.

#2. Relevance

Your newsletter should include topics that are ‘hot off the press’ in the industry such as universal healthcare, or healthcare reform. You should also talk about things that are happening in your hospital or medical practice e.g. Are you hiring a new hospital administrator? If you’re having a tough time coming up with trending content, check out a couple of popular healthcare blogs such as this one or this one.

Another thing you could do is to focus on seasonal trends. Right now the flu season has hit hard and some parts of the country are under a state of emergency. These things are relevant to your customers so talk about them in your newsletter and become a trusted source of valuable information.

#3. Be Personal

Consumers need expert information and advice they can trust. So how do you build a trustworthy relationship particularly with someone you’ve never met? Building a relationship with your readers means understanding their concerns and addressing them in a caring and compassionate way.

Another way to get personal in your newsletter is to use human interest stories to connect emotionally with your audience. Also don’t forget to add an inviting call to action asking for your readers’ feedback. Knowing that their opinion matters is important, as it confirms your personal interest in their point of view.

#4. Promote

Don’t be afraid to use your newsletter to promote your hospital or practice. Not in an overt, five-alarm chili, kind of way, but do give reasonable time and space to growing and promoting your services.

But remember to pair your promotions with valuable content that pulls customers in. For example if you’re promoting a weight-loss clinic, start with a helpful article about the “Do’s and Don’ts of Dieting” and then conclude with, “Need more help solving this problem? Check out our new weight loss clinic…” and link that last sentence to a landing page on your website.

#5. Stray from the Norm

A newsletter doesn’t have to be a plain and boring, full-page, one-topic article. Break away from bland and conventional styles by adding some kick. Interesting components with visual appeal are sure to stimulate  your readers.

Try using infographics, Instagram images and even cartoons (if appropriate!). Adding splashes of inviting color, or multiple sections containing different topics of interest are a sure-fire way to add diversity to your content.

The Final Course

The health industry produces a lot of valuable information. But most of the time that information is boring and doesn’t appeal to consumers. That’s why it’s so important that you mix up and diversify the content on your newsletter.  Advertising your services is great but do add helpful content that answers your readers’ most pressing questions.

Over to You: What did I miss? Please share other key ingredients that you would incorporate in your healthcare newsletter?


Yvonne Barber is the Wordsmith & Content Marketeer for Design Theory, a Florida-based web design firm that provides social media management, email, domain registration, and graphic design services. Aside from writing content for client websites, brochures, and all marketing communications Yvonne blogs weekly for Design Theory on various subjects and across several social media channels.



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