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5 Things to Look For in a Content Marketing Hire

Businesses like yours have a new imperative these days: they must develop content that will draw people to their sites.

The goal is to create and share content that your customers (and would-be customers) will find valuable, seek out and want to consume.

In a recent post on the 10 rules marketers can’t afford to break, Scott Maxwell wrote, “Your content is at the core of all of your marketing.”

But that poses a tricky situation for a lot of marketers, doesn’t it? For many, things like content creatorwriter and videographer aren’t business skills they’ve traditionally needed or nurtured.

What to look for in a content hire

There are a lot of things to look for in a content creator, but here are the skills that Ann Handley (co-author of Content Rules) considers to be the most critical. Read full article here.

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