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5 Reasons Why Concierge Practices Should Blog

Are you a physician or physician group that has recently established a concierge practice? Are you wondering how to market your new practice?

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The most challenging part about marketing a new concierge practice, is to sign up enough patients to make it profitable within a relatively short time.

If you’re like most physicians you’re a medical professional at heart, not a marketer. It’s not a simple thing for you to switch hats from doctor to business owner. It’s even harder with a new practice when there’s not much money coming in.

Beyond SEO here are 5 reasons why blogging could be your best marketing strategy especially in the early months of your concierge practice:

#1. Educate Patients About Concierge Model

When you first establish your concierge practice, many people will not understand how this model of medicine works.

Through blogging, you can share stories that explain how your practice works and what patients can expect. You can also discuss typical illnesses and diseases that you treat. By offering health tips and advice on your blog, many of the questions prospective patients would ask during a visit are eliminated, thus giving you more time to get to know them and develop meaningful bonds with them. And isn’t that what concierge medicine is all about after all?

#2. Get More business

According to a Hubspot report businesses (of any kind) that blog have more consistent sales than those that don’t.

These days patients start their journey to wellness online. They search for terms that describe a condition or symptom they have. If you blog consistently using keywords that are relevant to prospective patients, you stand a high chance of attracting those digital searchers who are interested in your content and your services.

#3. Set Yourself Apart

Most physicians – not just concierge practitioners – have been slow to take up blogging and social media. They just don’t have the time, considering how many patients they see in a day.

Even for concierge doctors who have more flexibility with their schedules, blogging is simply not high on their to-do list. This is a mistake since traditional marketing is fading or becoming too expensive, while content marketing – of which blogging is a part – is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your practice.

If you or your staff don’t have the time to blog, why not hire a writer to blog and help increase the online visibility of your practice. The interesting content on your blog will stand out from your competitors’ boring websites thus driving more traffic and patients to your practice.

#4. Build Likeability, Trust and Sales

The thing about blogging for business is that it helps clients to get to know you before they ever step foot inside your office. When you publish engaging content that helps people with their health problems it shows that you’re not just interested in selling but in helping them as well. This generates trust, likeability and over time, more sales.

Concierge websites that only talk about the practice and their services are self-focused and don’t appeal to savvy digital patients.

#5. Get Better Insights About Prospective Patients

When you first start to blog you’re forced to research the target audience that you’re trying to reach. It’s no longer enough to know their age, gender, and marital status. You should know their frustrations, life-styles, interests, goals, dreams and so on.

By doing the research on your patients you become better equipped to understand what they’re going through and to develop unique content that deeply resonates with them. Blogging also creates a two-way conversation channel that encourages comments, feedback and interaction, giving you clear insights on what your patients want.

Your Turn

Concierge practices have a lot to offer communities and patients (especially with the gradual phasing in of Obamacare). However, with so little public knowledge about how they work and what patients can expect, blogging is a great tool for patient education and relationship building. Does your concierge practice have a blog? How has it impacted your patients?

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  1. Patricia,
    Another great post! I would add one more, closely related to your five: Educate patients – and not only about concierge (if that’s your practice model), but also provide the counter-balance to all the mis-information on the internet. So much of the online “healthcare information” is designed to drive traffic to pay-per-click links or to sell products. Much of it is nonsense, and virtually none of it is vetted for medical, technical accuracy by physicians or other healthcare professionals. We – physicians, nurses, other providers, hospitals – all have an obligation to provide our patient community with accurate health information, as their advocates. If not us, then who? Thank you for providing guidance with your great content!
    Russell Faust, MD, PhD /

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