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4 Simple Ways to Write Sexy Business Content

It’s easy to write about relationships, fashion, Justin Bieber and such. There’s not much language ‘dress-up’ required here, they’re exiting enough all by themselves!

Unfortunately, your next writing project is, “How the Cap & Trade Bill affects livestock farmers in Wisconsin” – riveting stuff!

The way to transform your lackluster subject into a piece that everyone will be talking about is to become a story teller.

Every subject, no-matter how dry can be translated into a stunning read by applying the basics that you learned in grammar school. (Don’t you wish you had paid more attention in class?)

Here are the basic tools for the job:

  • Use passionate, energetic and zealous words to describe your brand! In grammar school we called them strong verbs and quality adjectives. They inject excitement into your writing. If you’re not excited about your brand, who will be?

Apple CEO Steve Jobs does a fantastic job selling his brand by using powerful words to describe software! Words like amazing, fascinating, mind-blowing, awesome, sexy etc. Your readers want to be wowed. Wow them!

  • Use allegory. Allegory is where similarities are drawn by telling a story to symbolize something else. Say you need to explain to a client the concept of website optimization. You can illustrate this by showing them how website optimization is very much like being on American Idol.

An Idol wannabe must compete against tens of thousands of other hopefuls. Each contestant must impress the judges (Simon in particular) in order to move up to the next level. Similary, you want to impress Google so that they can move your website further up the search results when someone searches for your type of business.

  • Tell a story. Suppose you’re asked to define integrity. Pretty boring. No-one will remember your definition. Try telling a story about a personality who stood up to do the right thing when he had every opportunity and advantage in doing otherwise. Here is an example.
  • Use a stunning headline. If your headline or title does not capture the interest of your audience immediately, then your entire writing project will be a waste of your time! Last night for example, I stumbled upon a political ad. by Sharron Angle (Republican fighting for Harry Reid’s seat in Nevada) The ad was titled: “Harry Reid: The best friend an illegal alien ever had”. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Here’s some proof. A few years ago an economics book was on the New York Best Seller list. The name of the book was ”Freakonomics” and everything about it – from the title to the book reviews – was dazzling! Even the folks over at Copyblogger were enticed!

So there you have it. You may not have control over the subject matter of your next writing project, but you can incorporate some ‘pizzazz’ to make it the most fascinating business article you’ve ever written!

What are some other methods you have tried to spice up your business writing?

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