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4 Reasons Why Your Medical Practice Should Consistently Create Fresh Content

In this digital age that we live in, having a constant stream of fresh ideas in the form of content is key to the survival of your brand.

Fresh tomatoes

Fresh content attracts visitors to your site and helps your online brand to grow

Image Source: Wikimedia, Heavybluesman, under Creative Commons License

Medical brands cannot afford to be left behind when it comes to content marketing. In fact a recent Pew Research study indicated that 72% of Internet users said they looked online for health information within the past year.

Patients and care givers are looking to online sources including social media and blogs for information about specific diseases, treatments, and procedures as well as to find out more about doctors and health professionals.

Content marketing offers tremendous benefits that traditional advertising cannot. Here are four of them.

#1. Search Engines Reward Fresh Content

Search engines such as Google and Bing like fresh content and tend to reward sites that are updated regularly.

The more you post, the more Google will display your pages on search results. Consistent blogging raises the online visibility of your practice, which in turn increases your site traffic. The moment fresh content stops appearing on your site is the moment your online brand begins to lose visibility.

#2. Patients Want to Learn Something New

Patients come to your site to learn something new and your content provides value to them. Remember that the articles you post answer their pressing questions about their health concerns.

Patients choose your site because they believe you can satisfy their hunger for new information. If you don’t give them what they want, then they will turn to someone else who can. Creating fresh content also ensures that patients do not become bored or dissatisfied with the same old stuff.

#3. Create a Sense of Community

Over time content marketing encourages the growth of community around your online brand.

Sooner or later your articles will touch someone who is affected by the topic you’re discussing. That might lead them to reach out, ask questions and engage on your blog. That’s how communities get started.  On your part encourage dialogue and respond to questions as frequently as possible – that interaction is the heart and soul of your blog and it creates an attitude of trust between you and your readers.

#4. Content is Good for Business

Experts agree there is a direct relationship between blogging  and business growth.

Think of patient acquisition as a sales funnel. New patient-prospects go at the top, and happy patient-clients go at the bottom. Your goal is to maximize the number of people you attract at the top, and to increase the number of people who come out at the bottom.

High quality content or blogging helps to attract people at the top of the funnel while converting them into happy clients in the end. If you’re a small medical practice your reason for creating content is to sell your servies. When people go online and see your expert knowledge and ideas on your blog, they will likely come to you when they need medical attention.

Over to you: What are your thoughts on using content or blogs to promote your medical practice?



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