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4 Reasons Why No-one is Reading Your Company Blog (And How to Fix It)

No-one has a perfect blog.

Certainly not corporate blogs. They have their own unique set of problems that render their content somewhat ‘unappetizing’.

But the good thing about knowing what’s wrong with your company blog is that you can work on it and figure out ways to improve it.

Here are 4 reasons why company blogs are unreadable:

No value

A blog is not a self-promotional platform. It is an opportunity to share valuable information that solves problems and improves people’s lives.

Company blogs fail to attract readership (and business leads for that matter) because they do not provide value in terms of solving problems or enhancing people’s lives. Instead, they talk about themselves – their products, their services, their events, their CEO.

Who cares?

Ask yourself this question: “What benefit are readers getting from our company blog?” Are we teaching them something they don’t already know? Are we discussing an issue that no-one else has the audacity to tackle? If not then the reader won’t care – there’s nothing in it for them.

No relevance

A blog serves to provide valuable information that solves problems.

But not just any problem.

Your blog has to be relevant in solving one specific problem for which your brand has the solution to.

Unfortunately it is very common to see company blogs that talk about everything from marketing, motivation,  and social media to the stock market, crisis management and health!

A blog must be relevant to the specific audience that your company wants to reach.

If you’re in real estate it makes no sense to talk about finance or politics unless they are somehow related to real estate.

In order to be relevant to your audience be sure to create content that addresses the particular issues that your readers face. The presumption is that you have a target audience that you’re trying to reach – an audience whose challenges and issues you have taken the time to research and understand.

No consistency

Is your company blog updated once in a while when someone gets round to it?

Most company blogs suffer from inconsistency. They post an article here and there and then forget about it until the summer when things slow down a bit.

An inconsistent blog is as bad as a non-existent blog. It takes months of consistent blogging for readers to find your articles through organic search.  So if you’re not blogging consistently, you’re actually making it difficult for people to find your blog in the first place.

Blogging is a huge time commitment and one that might appear daunting. But don’t feel as though you have to do all the work yourself. A successful company blog is a team effort.

Identify a few people within your organization who have a passion for creating content and who are reliable evangelists for your brand. Establish some blogging guidelines, an editorial calendar and give them permission to blog freely.

Having several people write your company blog guarantees consistent content and alleviates the pressure for one person to perform.

Nothing interesting to say

The idea behind a blog (corporate or personal) is to share interesting or compelling information. This is the heart of the matter. Without an interesting story no-one is going to read your blog.

Do you think you have nothing interesting to say? Don’t be discouraged, you’re not the only one. There are creative ways to produce interesting content even if you think your brand is somewhat ‘boring’ or uninteresting. Here are some ideas.

In addition, having more people contribute to your company blog provides more diverse perspectives and experiences that make for interesting stories.  Multiple ‘voices’ also encourage conversation and lend some personality to the company’s communication culture.

A successful blog doesn’t happen over-night. It’s a lot of work and there’s always room for improvement. But the benefits of a well-executed company blog are real and extremely rewarding.

So what are you going to do to improve your company blog’s readership?

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