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4 Reasons Why Being Narrow-Minded is a Great Content Strategy

Do you wonder why many blogs fail to attract desirable audiences? It could be that they are not narrow-minded enough…

narrow street

A narrowly defined blog attracts the right kind of audience

What I mean by that is that most unsuccessful blogs do not focus their content on a specific topic or niche market. Narrowing down your blog to concentrate on a singular path helps you to focus your attention and efforts on attracting the right audience.

For sure when you first start blogging you may not know right away what you want to talk about (although that’s a big mistake in itself here are some helpful tips) or what kind of target audience you want to attract. In that case there’s no harm in ‘sowing fields’ and spreading your message far and wide.

But ideally as you continue to blog consistently and your vision becomes more defined and you can start to create content that serves a more narrowly defined audience.

Here are four reasons why narrowing down your blog is a great content strategy:

#1. Maximize content marketing budget

A narrowly focused (niche) blog is easier on your wallet. When you have a specific audience that you’re serving, you know exactly what their challenges are and can create free content that meets their needs – that way it’s easier to grab their attention without having to spend a lot of money on advertising! Another thing is that it is easier to find keywords that fit your niche blog since the competition is less and you’re not struggling as much to stand out in an overcrowded space.

#2. More profitable to market to small group

The whole idea of blogging is to create a platform for marketing your products or services to a defined audience. It’s easier to develop an offer for a small interest group that is sure to buy rather than a large vague audience that is not sold-out on your brand. There are also more ways to make a passive income with a niche blog e.g. advertising (although this doesn’t always work well for all bloggers), selling e-books, webinars, courses and even membership forums. A mix of these offers is likely to result in a more profitable blog.

#3. Easier to develop a reputation

Focusing your blog on a defined topic or audience helps them to associate you and your brand with that niche. That association makes it easier for you to position yourself as an authority in that category and to build a strong reputation. Keep in mind that when you have a strong reputation in a defined space, people are more likely to buy from you and to open doors of opportunity for your brand.

#4. Loyal following and word-of-mouth referrals

Niche blogging makes your website very attractive to visitors who have an interest in your field. For example  blogs about animal-care are growing in popularity in the U.S. as more American households become pet owners. So if your blog focuses on providing interesting content for pets-owners you are almost guaranteed to have loyal, regular visitors to your site who in turn will share your content with their friends and family.

Key Takeaway

When it comes to attracting desirable audiences for your blog the idea of being ‘all things to all men’ simply doesn’t work. Study your community to find out what needs they have and then develop content and money-making offers that appeal to them. You may have to think outside the box when you create an offer but once your blog starts to get traction, there’s no telling what kind of success you will experience.

Over to you: Do you have a narrowly-defined blog? What content tips can you share about your niche blog?

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