4 Major Marketing Goals for Medical Businesses in 2013

Have you documented your marketing goals for 2013?

Is your medical business ready to hit the ground running on January 1st? As the new year approaches most of you are busy setting up new plans to move your medical business further along in 2013.

Hopefully one of your priorities is to focus on a strategic marketing plan that will ensure the success of your tactical marketing efforts and maximize your return on investment. Here are four important medical marketing goals for 2013:

1. Analyze Your Strengths & Weaknesses

A SWOT analysis is a detailed assessment of your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).  This takes into account the actual and potential cirmcustances that may affect your medical business.

Knowing where potential problems lie is important for future planning. It helps you understand which marketing efforts you should keep, which ones to trash, and how you should brainstorm for new ideas.

For healthcare marketers your likely goals are to improve brand recognition, attract new patients and position your practice as an expert in a specific category. Be sure to capitalize on your current strengths (i.e. by strengthening what’s already working), minimize weaknesses, and identify new opportunities for the new year.

2. Get Motivated

Armed with conclusions from your SWOT analysis, motivate your staff to further develop these efforts. You’ll need to create excitement about why they should truly believe in the organization, your services and the opportunities for business expansion. Don’t forget to incorporate fun into your brainstorming sessions.

For example, consider having a marketing competition to see who can come up with newest and most innovative ways to differentiate your healthcare practice from your competition. Perhaps someone has a new advertising idea not previously employed.

Also don’t forget to sweeten the pot by giving staff members some incentives such as a Starbucks gift card, or a designated parking space near the door etc.  Anything to make them feel appreciated while energizing them to go above and beyond.

3. Find New Opportunities To Market

For 2013 consider employing different methods to edify the brand image of your medical practice in ways that communicate professionalism, value and prestige to your consumers and patients. Here are some ideas to do that.

i) Improve Online Visibility

Take time to understand and recognize the value of having a well-developed digital footprint. Whether it’s creating a social media platform on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, know that these free resources give you access to an unlimited audience, which in turn has an unlimited marketing potential.

ii) Educate to Elevate

Use your branding and marketing materials to educate patients and in return, increase patient acquisition, retention and ultimately your profitability.

Perhaps you recently procured new, advanced medical equipment, or you developed different medical programs and services. Remember to keep your community apprised of these and other advances and initiatives that your hospital or medical practice is undertaking in 2013.

iii) Outside The Norm Practices

Most hospitals or medical practices have their “old standby” way of marketing.  But in 2013, consider going outside your comfort zone with new campaign channels such as email marketing, radio commercials, and PSA’s. Consider using simple yet attractive infographics as a visually engaging tool to convey pertinent medical information.

4. Put A Ring on Your Resolutions

To maintain the charted course of your goals, vigilance, dedication and commitment are required from you and your staff. Keep them accountable and encourage them to remain focused on projected outcomes.  Also remember to celebrate the small victories as you all draw closer to the big picture goals.

Last Lines

If your team is working together on these goals you will successfully drive a results-oriented marketing campaign increasing visibility and ultimately revenue for your medical practice.  Additionally you will inspire your staff to have a renewed commitment to the visions and goals of your medical business. So stay focused and get ready to celebrate your success next year.

Over to you: Have you written down your marketing goals for 2013? Please share what outcomes you hope to achieve next year.

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