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3 Reasons You Should Not Miss Content Marketing World Health Summit

Is your healthcare business taking advantage of content marketing?

According to the 2012 B2B Content Marketing, Budgets and Trends Report 89% of all healthcare businesses have adopted content marketing, putting the industry at third place (in adoption rates) behind professional services and software industries.

While this is great news to hear it is still evident that healthcare lags behind other industries when it comes to actually leveraging content marketing for business. That’s why MedCity News and Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing World have come together to launch Content Marketing World Health Summit, which will be held in Cleveland Ohio on November 7th – 8th.

Content Marketing World Health Summit

In case you haven’t heard about it, here are three reasons you should not miss the summit.

#1. Valuable content

The summit will deliver highly valuable business content guaranteed to inspire you with actionable new ideas you can begin to implement as soon as you get back. Here’s a quick glimpse of the amazing content you can expect from Content Marketing World Health Summit:

  • Trends – Discover the latest content marketing research in the healthcare industry and the challenges that will inspire change and innovation in the future.
  • Tactics – During the workshops sessions you will learn the best ways to market your organization with content marketing. Everything from how to leverage physicians’ limited time to develop valuable content to finding interesting topics for social media content and much more.
  • Strategy – The general sessions will also explain key strategies for attracting and retaining customers. You will learn how to integrate your content creation with your marketing objectives, learn from some of the mistakes and successes of leading brands such as Johns Hopkins and Cleveland Clinic. You will also learn the A to Z of content marketing strategy and how strategies for B2B differ from B2C.
  • Business building – See how successful health brands create more business via content marketing. You will learn how even a small budget can make a huge impact with content and social media marketing and how smart content planning can save you lots of money!
  • Social media – Find out how to create valuable social media content even with federal regulators in mind. You will also learn why doctors shy away from social media participation, how to change their minds and even what social media platforms are right for your organization.

#2. Connect with leading healthcare brands

Content Marketing World Health Summit  is the only content marketing event in the world dedicated exclusively to the healthcare industry. It is designed to bring together experts and thought leaders from some of the leading companies in the world.

You will not only learn from their unique and insightful perspectives at the sessions, you will also get to meet and hang out with experts such as Elizabeth Tracey (Director of Electronic News Media – Johns Hopkins), Scott Linabarger (Director of Digital Marketing – Cleveland Clinic), Lee Aase (Director of Mayo Clinic Social Media Center), Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing World, Chris Seper of MedCity Media and many others.

#3. Night out networking

You will have an opportunity to meet with 200 industry professionals from the healthcare industry. In fact an awesome treat prepared for you on Wednesday night is the ‘West Side Night Out on the Town Event’. You will see the best of historic KAMM’s CORNERS neighborhood of Cleveland’s West Side where award winning restaurants and night clubs will be waiting for you.

Join me

I am excited to be one of the speakers for this groundbreaking event and would love for you to join me in Cleveland on November 7th – 8th. You will see first hand how content marketing can transform healthcare, improve engagement and the work you are doing in the sector. Please Visit the Health Summit event site to see the agenda. In the meantime I’d also like to offer you this coupon code (SKGGUEST) to receive $100 off your registration!

Over to you: Do you think you could benefit from this content marketing event? Will you be there?



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