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3 Essential Steps To Follow After You Publish Your Blog Post

A serious blogger doesn’t stop after pushing the ‘publish’ button. In fact creating good content is just the beginning. The tough work is what happens thereafter.

Keep in mind that the goal of your blog is to attract readership and boost your brand’s visibility and popularity. In order to accomplish this you literally have to go out into the real world and find readers for your blog.

Here’s a quick 3-step process explaining what you need to do after you publish your blog post:

Social Media Distribution

As soon as you publish your blog post start sharing it with your social media connections by using these popular sharing tools:

  • Tweetmeme button
  • Facebook ‘Like’ button
  • Facebook ‘Send’ button (a brand new feature launched this past Monday) – similar to ‘Like’ button but focused on private sharing, making it easier to share content with a close group of friends. It will gradually replace the classic ‘Email to a friend’ button.
  • Update your Linkedin status with a link to your blog post
  • Social book-marking (Digg, Stumbleupon etc)
  • Wibiya tool bar
  • Shareaholic tool bar (these last two are one-stop-shop sharing tools that facilitate sharing via any social media channel you want – you can easily grab the plug-in and install on your website).


Blog syndication offers added exposure for your content by making it more accessible to a wider audience that would otherwise not read it. Syndication can be free, licensed or ad supported. There are several syndication options:

  • Submit your blog “feed” URL to FREE synidcation sites such as Technorati and Demandmedia.
  • Use RSS;
  • Submit individual blog posts to for article marketing.
  • (Disclaimer: I’m no expert on blog syndication so if you have time, pick up a free e-book from Newstex called “The Truth about Blog Syndication”)

Re-purpose and Redistribute

The beauty of digital content is that it has no expiration date. That said you can go back to a blog post (or series of posts) that you published previously and re-purpose for your:

  • email newsletter
  • power-point presentation
  • webinar, speaking engagement or training session
  • direct mail post-card
  • white paper
  • leave-behind sales package


One more thing.

Don’t dismiss the importance of your readers’ feedback. In my experience many corporate blogs do not allow comments on the blog platform. Unfortunately they give the impression that they’re OK with doing all the talking and they’re not interested in what their audience has to say.

It’s bad for PR and it’s bad for business (what if a prospect has valid questions before he makes a purchasing decision – I’m just saying).

Remember, you can write the most useful and relevant blog in the industry. But if it is not visible to the right audience then it’s not likely to impact your brand in any positive way. So what are you doing to spread the word in your blog ?

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