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12 Ways to Achieve Online Influence With or Without Klout

I recently read Mark Schaefer’s new book ‘Return on Influence,’ which in a nut shell talks about ‘personal power’ and influence on the social web.

So if you have a social media account, your value and relevance on social channels is constantly being judged and evaluated by Klout. I cannot begin to tell you how distasteful that thought is to me personally.

But in today’s post, I’m not going to persuade you to become a Klout-hater like me. I simply wish to suggest to you that there are ways (good old fashioned ones for that matter!) to achieve online influence whether Klout says so or not. Here are 12 of them:

Klout: 12 ways to achieve online influence without it.

Online influence is achieved through quality content and conversations

What are your thoughts? Have I completely missed the point? Feel free to educate me!

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