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10 Reasons Business Blogging is Better than Facebook [Infographic]

This Friday’s infographic compares business blogging with Facebook and builds a case as to why blogging is the better marketing strategy.

Now I’m a HUGE Facebook fan myself (especially with the new Timeline!) but if you’re not blogging, you’re missing out on some important business benefits! In addition trying to build your own brand on someone else’s territory is always risky.

Going by my own experience, here are 10 reasons why business blogging is better than Facebook:


10 reasons why blogging is more productive than Facebook

10 reasons why blogging is more productive than Facebook


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Over to you: How do you compare Facebook and business blogging? Which one has worked out better for you?


  1. Carol Flammer says:

    I completely and totally agree with you.

  2. Hey Patricia – would you please email me the artist’s name who created this infographic? I love the cartoon character at the bottom and I am looking to hire an illustrator to create a cartoon logo for me!


  3. Patricia, nice write up! I’ve also found that taking time to write quality articles, with a nice layout and good visuals, is as effective as updating Facebook. And I’ve seen first hand how companies build value in things they don’t own. So this is a good word to the wise not to invest your whole brand in someone else site.

  4. Truth.

  5. I sort of can’t agree with you on point #2. Getting people to Like a page is not the only way one could get his/her content to the masses. Sharing an interesting page could spread the content faster and to more audience than a blog, in shorter time. Also this could earn more likes to the page too. User Retention to a facebook page is more compared to a blog, is what I understand from the recent surveys and infographics and observations.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for your comment Nithin.

      The 10 reasons I suggested here are based on my personal experience with both platforms. As for #2, the “impressions” statistic I get on Facebook from my blog articles is very low (and the “talking about” stat is even lower).

      But when I look at my Google analytics and add that to email subscribers who are getting my articles delivered directly into their inbox, I must say that my articles get more exposure that way rather than on Facebook. However I must admit that Twitter has been awesome as far as sharing interesting articles (including this one!) So in that sense, Twitter has worked better for me than Facebook.

      I think you will find that different people/businesses have different experiences with the various platforms out there.

  6. Maria Wendt says:

    You can’t even compare the two; Facebook is a place to share quick updates/links to resources. Your blog is where you publish well-planned, thoughtful posts on your topic.

    People judge you by your blog, not your facebook page. Anybody can set up a facebook page but only a few can run a successful, helpful, expert blog.

    Thanks anyways, this post stirred the pot.



    PS After re-reading this, it sounds like I am making a personal attack. I am not, your blog is great!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Maria. Actually you don’t sound like you’re making a personal attack at all (at least that’s not what I perceived).

      In fact your conclusion that ‘people judge you by your blog and not your Facebook page’ is spot on, and is actually one of the reasons I decided to share this article. We definitely agree on this issue ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for visiting Maria!

    • Tyrrell Eccles says:

      Maria Wendt, there are a lot more similarities between blogging and FB fan pages or business pages. People absolutely judge you by your FB page. FB is the 1st impression that many see of you. And no, I’ve learned that there are a LOT of people who don’t know how to properly setup a FB page other than a personal one. And they definitely don’t know how to secure it.

  7. Wanted to share this post and the infographic link seems to be broken? Thank you!

  8. Thanks Patricia for your excellent post. May I ask where did you create the infographic image that is pasted above?

    Is there a software or a site where you can create these visuals?

    Look forward to your answer.


    Sarmi ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Sarmi,

      I have a freelance graphic designer on my team who creates our infographics. But I saw this article on Mashable that shows you how to create your own infographics using a tool called

      If you need me to connect you with my designer just send me an email (patricia at wordviewediting dot com)

  9. Agree. So many times I hear clients say. We don’t need a blog cause we can do it on Facebook as well. Hmmmm….. wrong. IMO. Next time I point to your infograph. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • predsicker says:

      Thanks so much Erwin. I’m glad this infographic was a help to you. And thanks too for visiting my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hi there Patricia
    Thank you so much for allowing me to share this on my blog.
    I am trying to explain to my current clients how important it is to have your own web properties, rather than rely on third party sites. Businesses need total control of their main web content – however like you I adore Facebook but your own website/blog is paramount
    Once again many thanks

    • Sue Worthington says:

      Was just trying to work out why my avatar didn’t show up – try again

    • predsicker says:

      Thank YOU Sue for sharing it on your blog , I totally appreciate it. Feel free to check out other infographics that your clients might like. Thanks so much for visiting my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. assuranceadvertising says:


  12. I don’t necessarily agree that business blogging is better than Facebook but I do 100% agree that business blogging is very important for web presence and for your top 10. In Facebook, my clients benefit based on their target audience and our ability to engage – if your target audience doesn’t use Facebook regularly, then that platform should take on a less important roll.

  13. Lucas Vieites says:

    Hi, I’d like to share this infographic on my blog, but my readers are mostly only Spanish speaking. Do you mind if I translate the texts in addition to showing the image?

  14. I would love to share this on Pinterest. You should put a pinterest pin on your blog – this is a great visual for Pinterest boards.

    • predsicker says:

      Hi Katerina – share to your heart’s content :). Yes the pinterest pin is a good idea, thanks for the tip! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  15. Tyrrell Eccles says:

    This is a great infographic but there are a few points that I have to disagree with you about. #2. You can reach people on any platform when you properly setup an ad. #5. Many professionals use FB to push prospects to their blog. But even on FB you have to establish a sense of trust/thought leadership with your visitors before they will go to your blog. People now see FB as a “safer” alternative to someone personal blog. #6. Yes, your blog can have rss feeds but ads on FB will give you much more exposure to whatever content you want to advertise/market. #8. FB ABSOLUTELY contributes to your search ranking. Many person’s FB profile/page will rank higher on Google most often, especially with the help of Edgerank.

    I suggest that business owners should use them together to get the greatest results. having both of them reference each other can create a large amount of back links and greatly push your business listing higher on Google, which is what you DEFINITELY want!

    My 2-5 cents. LOL


  16. Copywriter Matt says:

    The points that you make are extremely valid, but I don’t look at the two as an either-or. Your blog is the perfect place to create unique, entertaining and valuable content. Facebook is the perfect place to share it.

  17. A.S. Eric says:

    This is absolutely right…. Thanks…this helps me a lot…

  18. sharonjackson says:

    Thank you so much for this! I have clients who spend hours on Facebook and I have had a hard time explaining to them why ignoring their blog is a very bad idea. This graphic is perfect, simple and direct. I have posted it on my own blog with a link to this site.

  19. Congratulations! Point proven; 2 years after your blog post, this subject is still found and read ;). I’ve shared it on my business blog (with link!). What I try to do is blog on my business website and then link to my business blog on my business FB page. Best of both worlds?
    Thanks for posting on this subject, much appreciated!

  20. Kristen@fit2feelbetter says:

    Thank you for this graphic. It was just what I needed while doing research about a Fanpage vs Blog. This just might change up my goals!

  21. It’s a great information.
    I’ve heard that I could use a fanpage as a blog to post content about my business, but I wasn’t sure about it.
    It seems that you have a wide knowledge in the field and are talking from experience.
    I now know what to do exactly.

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