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10 Easy Content Marketing Tips You Can Apply Today!

Content Marketing is all about engaging a well-targeted audience with valuable, helpful and compelling content that solves their problems and persuades them to do business with you.

There is a strategic approach to creating valuable content, but assuming you’re already doing that, here are 10 easy tips to embellish the content that you are currently producing:

Tweak your Email Signature

Below your email signature line, attach a link to a helpful & relevant blog post from your website to encourage email recipients to explore your site.

Attach a link to a relevant blog post to your email signature

Solve problems

Focus on the core problem that your business solves. Then put out lots of content, enthusiasm, and ideas about how to solve that problem. (Put content on your blog, other people’s blogs i.e. guest blogging, e-books or white papers, webinars, Google Hangouts, audio podcasts etc.)

Do a Competitive Analysis

Analyze your content in light of your competitor’s content then identify opportunities to be different or better. But DO NOT copy your competitor’s content!

Add Comment Luv

Add ‘Commentluvplugin to your WordPress website. With this plugin, every time you comment on someone else’s blog, a link to the most recent article that you wrote on your blog is embedded in the comment. It literally spreads your content across other sites!

Comment Luv WP-plugin spreads your content to other sites


Curate! Curate! Curate! It’s not lazy – it’s good neighborliness.  In fact there’s business value in collaboration and besides sometimes other people can explain it better than you! 🙂

Tell all

Want your blog to get noticed? Start creating content about those industry ‘secrets’ or how-to tips that none of your competitors will touch!

Do a Content Audit

Review your website and all blog posts often and inspect for ROT. ROT stands for Redundant, Outdated and Trivial content. If you find ROT, weed it out!

Review content for ROT

Be where it matters

You don’t have to be on every single social media network that exists. You just need to ‘be where it matters’. Find out where your customers and prospects are located (online) and focus your content distribution through those channels!

Be a journalist

When you write an article use a journalistic approach – Most important content first [who, what, where, why, when, how]. Next, provide important details, then other supporting background information last. You should end of with an inverted pyramid type of content structure.

Engage, Convert or Die!

Last but not least – every piece of content on your site should be doing either one (or both) of these things: ENGAGING or CONVERTING. If it is not doing that, get rid of it!

Over to you: What did I miss? Any other content tips that would like to share? Please do so – I’d love to grow this list to at least 50 items!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot I am looking to a great experience from this site.Thanks a lot patricia…
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  3. Richard Thompson says:

    Being a problem solver is the biggest part of any Business Marketing doesn’t matter what it is there’s always a problem to be solved. So I’m really glad that you made sure to add that bit in this post.


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